The Tales of Evergreen Wood

Evergreen Wood is a children's book series that expands the creative minds of children while engaging in a practical life lesson along the way.

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Welcome to the Evergreen Wood. We are so glad you stopped by and hope to make your visit both informative and interesting. We take great pride in our hospitality and are delighted when we can give a tour. I, Winslow the owl will tell you a little about the Evergreen Wood before turning you over to Kopan. He will be your tour guide. Kopan is our most energetic and congenial wood fairy.

Our mission is to heighten your curiosity, help you to look beyond what you think you see and of course, entertain.

When visiting some of our charming little habitats like "Ladybug Junction, " or Shaddy Glen where Miss Hunny's "Forest Sweet Shoppe," is located, please take a few moments to meet the Ladybug Junction's Mayor or Miss Polly Ladybug. They are extremely hospitable and will give you lots of information about this special place. After that, you might even want to taste some of the delicious baked goodies by Miss Hunny Hedgehog. She owns the "Forest Sweet Shoppe"


When you travel a little further down the twisted footpath to the old mill pond, chances are you will encounter Ms. Emily Duck teaching her ducklings how to swim. She is a little giddy but very nice and will welcome you graciously. However, by then you will have most likely already met Spike the turtle and Kanatipillar the caterpillar chatting with Hodges the Hedgehog, Hunny's twin brother and Montebello the mushroom.

Don't be surprised if they invite you to join them at Katrinka the frog's house to meet Sally Sunflower and her son Haboo and have a cup of tea together. Before departing though, you must take a quick peek at my unique library. It's located very high up in the tallest of trees in the Evergreen Wood. I can assure you there is nothing quite like it anywhere in the forest.

However, before you go, let me introduce you to the human who created these magical places and interesting characters, Renee Barnes at Renee Barnes Designs.

Renee has successfully put pen and brush together to create a world of magic that brings these unique stories accompanied by vivid and colorful illustrations into a reality for your enjoyment. All of Renee's stories have challenges, solutions and meaningful experiences for the young reader. Her artwork is colorful, bold and expressive which lends itself to the development of the individual personalities of each character.

Come join us and perhaps consider these small tales of magical adventure a gateway for expanding your imagination, increasing your creativity, and of course, providing you with an enjoyable and delightful reading experience


Meet Some of
the Characters
from Evergreen Wood

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What Our readers say....

"I love the stories of The Evergreen Woods! The five series of books keeps growing as my child does. The illustrations are fun and colorful to look at and we enjoy the crazy charters! Good for ages 4 to 10."

"We love the fun & colorful characters!"


-Erin R

... that I ordered the next book in the series "Kopan and the Honeybees". The story and the artwork are so sweet. I read this to my class and they really enjoyed it. I bought two more for another teacher friend. The friendships in the story made me think of the characters in Winnie the Pooh or Raggedy Ann. The story has a good message.

"I was given this book as a gift & love it so much..."


"This is a wonderful book that really captures the imagination of kids! The artist's paintings are truly amazing and tell the story well. I would definitely recommend this book, along with the other two books in the trilogy (this is the last one in the series) for kids!"

"Wonderful Books!"

- Amazon Verified Customer

Experience the World of Evergreen Wood