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Winslow Learns A Lesson


Again, something is up in the Evergreen Wood. Kopan has ask Katrinka to join him in a picnic. Katrinka declines as she remembers Winslow is coming and would not be able to find her. Kopan says they can leave a note that winslow cannot miss and he will then join them.

Katrinka thinks that is a wonderful idea and happily goes off with Kopan. However, Mr. Feathergray, the pesky blue jay sees what is happening and takes the note away leaving nothing for Winslow.

Along the way, they meet Spike the turtle, Ms. Emily the duck and her three ducklings plus, Montebello and Kanatipillar. Merrily, they all join in for the picnic hoping that Winslow will be along soon.

In the meantime, Winslow, worried about Katrinka is frantically flying all over the forest in search of her. When he sees them at the old mill pond, he jumps to conclusions and starts spouting accusations at everyone.

When he finds he is mistaken he is so embarrassed and remorseful that he just turns and flies away.

Katrinka realizes there is more to this and implores Kopan to bring Winslow back so they can unravel the mystery behind the missing note.


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