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Mister Robin and the Magical Discovery


Out one morning for a leisurely stroll, Mister Robin encounters little Camille, the tiny wood fairy princess. She is crying softly to herself. He soon discovers the reason for her distress. Her wings are too big and drag on the ground so she is unable to fly like the other fairies. As he is consoling her, they take a walk and come upon a very dreary part of the forest. As they pass through, a magical event takes place but neither Mister Robin or Camille saw this transformation. However, at the same time, Zooker, the forest miser was lurking in the bushes and saw this magic happen. He then plots to capture little Camille for himself and selfishly use her magic.

As the forest becomes aware of Camille's disappearance everyone is thrown into a panic. Soon, it becomes obvious that her rescue has to fall to Mister Robin. He quickly enlists the help of other forest friends and they set out to find her. As he proceeds to save Camille he also unravels the mystery of her large wings, the magic surrounding her and how very important she is to the Evergreen Wood.


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