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Ladybug Junction


A wave of terror ran through Mayor Essenfeld as he received the news that the crows were on a rampage. Their goal was to destroy all the tiny insect villages within the Evergreen Wood.

The mayor was frantically trying to consider his options when Spike the turtle appears and offers his assistance. Spike suggests that they go over to see Katrinka and the other forest friends. He believes that with everyone helping, they will be able to find a solution and save the insect villages.

The mayor and the other ladybugs pile on Spike’s back for a rather wild ride to Katrinka’s house.

The mayor was happy to see that so many friends were already there and quickly reveals the terrible news. Katrinka remembers that she had heard of a giant spider with the ability to spin enormous webs with unbelievable strength. She thought that if this spider could spin a large and very strong web over the entrance of Ladybug Junction the crows would be stopped. The problem was that no one really knew where this mysterious spider lived or if he would even consider assisting them.

However, armed with courage and a great deal of faith, the little band of friends, led by Katrinka the frog, Kopan the wood fairy, Winslow the owl and Montebello the mushroom, along with the other forest pals, they fearlessly depart to pursue what could prove to be a very dangerous mission.


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